About Soluna Farm and Ranch

Soluna Farm is a 13 acre tract of land in Auburn, Twp, Ohio, approximately 25 miles east of Cleveland. When the farm was purchased in 2017, the land was overgrown, there were piles of debris everywhere, and the idea of growing anything seemed like a 10-year plan. 

After months of hard work, the land started to show its potential. Nearly 8 tons of scrap metal had been taken to the local scrap yard, lots of dead trees had been cut and removed, and a bulldozer cleared the signs of decades of neglect. What was left was the foundation of a farm. 

By May of 2018, the barn, which is the centerpiece of Soluna Farm's operation was in place, and is now the home of the farms laying hens, goats, and the future home of the hogs and Highland heifers.


As the farm operation expands, like it has with the Soluna Cattle Ranch, Soluna Farm, on Munn Road will remain the centerpiece of the business operations, and the place where we gather to celebrate quality, natural production of food with our friends and neighbors.   




Darrell is the founder and owner of Soluna Farm. His passion for farming started with the purchase of the farm, and has spread like poison ivy ever since. His favorite part of the farm is when there is nothing to fix after the chores are done! 


Meemaw has been roped back into the farm life, a life she knew as a child growing up in Pennsylvania. She manages the Soluna Local Produce Program, and takes extra special care of Mrs. Darwin, the farms original chicken.  


Allen is the go to person for getting projects done. When fences need hung, or corrals need built, or hay needs moved, Allen is there in a minute to help. 


Kim is the legal expert for the farm. As a lawyer, she provides the farm with the regular reminder that there are laws and regulations that should be followed. 


Juan helps around the farm whenever help is needed. From filling in for daily chores when travel requires, to dealing with a turkey situation Juan's got the farm's back. 

Anuhea Luna

Anuhea is the best friend of all of the animals. She is a master chicken holder, an adept goat chaser, and loves feeding corn to the cows. She is currently working on her egg collecting skills

Zita Sol

Zita is the junior member of the farm team. She is learning to love her chicken friends, and has become a virtuoso on imitating the bellowing "moo" of her cow friends. 


17848 Munn Rd. 

Chagrin Falls, OH 44023