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Big Kid Toys!

I had an abnormal childhood. Explains a lot to many of you, I'm sure. One of the best examples of this is the story of Pioneer Rent-All. It was my parents' business that was started by my Dad in 1967 with a tractor and a chainsaw that he was sick of lending to friends who never brought them back in a timely fashion (probably revisionist history, but who cares, you get the point!). In what I think is one of the best coincidences of this whole Half-Assed Homestead story, my first farmy purchase was a tractor and two saws. I got me (bad grammar fully intended) a Kubota 2650 with a front end loader, 72 inch finishing mower, and a 54" scraper box. Even just typing that got me awkwardly excited. Every time I get on that thing, it takes me back to the "shop" where my Dad would let me drive literally anything. 7 year olds on bulldozers?!?! Seems normal to me!

The saws, two Stihl farm and ranch saws with 18 and 20 inch bars respectively cut through trees like they are made of mattress foam. Its unbelievable. And empowering. And a little nerve wracking. I need to stop putting it off and get myself the proper safety gear. Knock on wood. <----That feels like it will be referenced on the news someday!

While these are fun toys for a kid that grew up around equipment, they are vital to the success of what I am trying to do. Without these I simply have woods and a lawn. These will allow me to clear, till, and prepare land. I can use the trees I cut to build fencing, structures, and hopefully eventually make lumber. This is all calculated and has real long term value. If it didn't I wouldn't spend the money. But for now, I will fully embrace the fact that they provide as much pleasure as they provide value. I hope that is always the case.

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