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From Fraud to Farm- Looking Forward for 2018

Early in the blogging process, I laid out my plans for the first year (enjoy). These were some ambitious plans---both in terms of the volume of work that I promised, but also the volume of cash that would have to flow in order to make them happen. Have you ever priced fencing!? Talk about humbling.

Despite the feeling that I didn't quite make it, it is quite amazing to look back at pictures and stories from the inital months that I was on "The Farm," and see just how remarkably far it has come. At this point, I can say with confidence that we have moved from wasteland to agro-canvas. The year to come will be less about destruction, and more about construction. So, its time for me to stop simply calling a tract of land "a farm", and truly start a farm. To do this, I have to produce something. Sure there were some eggs and vegetables that came off the land, a little honey ended up in jars and a couple gigantic chickens became chicken, but "production" will be the theme of 2018.

With that, here are goals for 2018:

1. Capitalize on last year's chicken program by "sharing" lots of eggs. Expand the chicken operation to include a broiler component.

2. Finish fencing in the "upper pasture," and build the first "barn" on the farm. Introduce goats and turkeys in the upper pasture with enough time to ensure that Thanksgiving is a bit more organic this year.

3. Combine the goat barn with the new-to-the-plan pig barn and pen. Raise the first lot of hogs for Fall. Prepare for an on-the-farm slaughter, which means education for the butcher (me) and preparation to ensure that I have the proper tools. Certainly, there will also be an emotional preparation as well.

4. Add the final major bench to the woodshop and continue producing. Perhaps with an opportunity to make some side cash.

5. Transform the terracotta weed farm into a real garden. Like, produce in some systematic way and in quantity that would lead to some form of preserving for winter consumption.

6. Expand the bee operation. I don't know how big or how much, but I'm going for it.

7. Improve aesthetic. While practical isn't always pretty, there is something to be said for having a bit of both. Curb appeal is on the to-do list....cause apparently I care.

What are the odds I accomplish this stuff?? Who knows, only one way to find out! Let's reevaluate over a farm raised pork loin with homemade, homegrown sauerkraut next New Years Day. How does that sound?

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