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My Very Funny Valentine!

Part of my move back to Ohio was about being around family. It was something that I have missed over the years. Especially with the arrival of my sister's spawn, it was weighing on me. I can honestly say that above everything else, getting to spend more time with my sassy, but super-cute little niece has been the greatest source of joy in my move. The house, the land, and getting away from the beltway hell of DC has all been amazing, but the biggest smiles happen when that little thing is running around being crazy.

Lucky for me, she was my valentine yesterday. The whole family went out for Mexican at our favorite little local restaurant, but Furby was MY valentine. It was such a great reminder of how great this move has been for me on a personal level. It was also good to keep me focused on all of the things that I am working toward. I can't wait until we are working together, side by side, and she's collecting eggs, feeding goats, and picking carrots in the garden. For now though, I will love every moment that I get with her while she is little-while her favorite jokes involve faking me out of some M&Ms. Being an uncle has always been fun from the time it started 13 years ago. This time I get to experience all of the fun though, not just holidays and random visits. So, while some friends were out on elaborate dates involving helicopters, or roses and fancy dinners, I was perfectly happy feeding my date the yummy salsa off the chip that she had no interest in eating.

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