• Darrell Kendall

Real Estate!?! Real Obnoxious!!

I am going to start this by reminding everyone that I have a fully functional brain, and that I understand, all to well, what happened to the housing market in 2008. I also understand all too well that government management of a problem is the easiest way to make life unnecessarily burdensome and inefficient!  With that...

The real estate industry in this country is nothing more than a bunch of self-aggrandizing bullies. They purposefully create problems with the sole purpose of charging buyers and sellers to pay unneeded fees so that they can solve the problems that they have created. This starts with the National Realtors Association, and trickles down to companies like Remax and Howard Hannah, and even further to agents, lenders, appraisers, and title companies. All of them have one interest- complicating your life for the time that they have you.

Secondarily, they all love to remind you that "they have been doing this for 25 years!" Well, in that case, I have one question- "how do you still make this feel like your first rodeo?!?!" The sad thing is that while my inconveniences have been minor in the grand scheme of things, the entire industry is totally blase about delaying closing even in the case that it costs their clients significant expense. I would argue further, that this is largely out of laziness and a need to have power over clients that have been rendered helpless by a system, which is designed to ensure that the broom handle first ends up in your posterior aperture before it is used to clean your nice new home.

Perhaps I am too close to the trauma to have allowed my mind to ease itself, or perhaps its just that obnoxious. From start to finish, what should have been a simple sales process- good credit, easy qualification, pretty easy set of terms in the contract, the house easily appraised for value- has been an absolute nightmare. Its all dumb stuff. Stuff like an agent that wanted a new driveway that their client didn't, the appraiser was over zealous in demands that ensure he will get paid again, and the lender was not interested in anything that resembled decent customer service. Perhaps they all forgot who butters their bread, perhaps they are working in an ecosystem that allows them to be lazy and focused only on themselves. In any case, one thing is clear. 2008 was caused by the industry, and when it happens again it will also be the fault of the industry. Time to put pressure on these slackers is business-man's clothing.

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