• Darrell Kendall

Speed Dating-Land Owner Style

She doesn't get a say in this. I bought her, she's mine! The property that is. Over the coming years, me and my land will be getting intimate. For now though, we're doing some speed dating. I've taken a few walks around the back of the property, and explored some of the area, but there is a lot to explore. I will get to know it very well over time but for now, I am happy with my first-date-like superficial relationship.

Some of the things I have learned about my land in my initial walk throughs:

1. Holy hell, there is a lot of it.

2.Trees, trees everywhere! Trees on the ground, trees in the air, trees are here, trees are there, trees are really everywhere.

3. The yard need some serious attention. Its mud right now, which means there is no good drainage. Guess I'll be doing some of that soon!

4. What hoarders collect over decades doesn't go away in days. Tractor implements, bricks...literally everything!

While I love having things to do, I am learning to eat this elephant one bite at a time. The plans that are in my head are very big. I want this to be my very own Shangri-la eventually, and I've started considering how I can use the resources that I've got to make my plan come to fruition. I can't do it over night, though and thats a very humbling and important realization for me to come to. I will start a comprehensive plan for development at some point, but for now I can do some stuff here and some stuff there. This can only last so long. If I don't plan and execute it will simply become overwhelming....honestly, though, I'm okay with that- its motivating.

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