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The Best Laid Plans of Chickens and Goats

Sitting around on my couch in Maryland, I had developed the greatest of plans for the HAH. In my feeble little mind, the cleanup was going to be easy, the building of structures would be done in a day or two and setting fences would be done by some of those little cookie-toting Keebler elves. By the time Summer hit, my homestead would be featured on some HGTV DIY-show and the smoking hot hostess would fall madly in love with me. From there we would be featured in the next award-winning reality TV-Show called "Half-Assed and Happily Ever After!"

Well, needless to say, even my dreams couldn't keep that absurd plan alive. With the aches and pains of moving logs and sawing trees, I took some time and energy to begin the realistic planning process. What is the end goal? What does success look like? What would I consider to be acceptable? and What is failure? This long term vision is a work in progress, and will be shared with y'all at some point, but I was able establish my first year goals.

Here there are! This is what is to be accomplished by St. Patrick's Day 2018. If they are not met, please cyberbully me. Call me out and make me feel inadequate.

1. Develop, produce and cultivate a productive garden(s), use the produce for functional purposes. This can include eating, preserving, donating to those less fortunate, etc.

2. Plant and sustain "The Orchard." Get one year closer to having a productive, fruit bearing trees and bushes.

3. Build appropriate shelters, install the fencing, and create the necessary infrastructure for chickens, turkeys and pygmy goats.

4. Keep a productive hive of bees alive and happy. Create the environment that allows them to produce honey, pollinate the plants of the HAH, and do my part to end the declining bee population.

5. Continue to clean-up, develop, and establish everything so that in addition to being productive, it is fun. Fire rings, trails, and areas to chill are all on the list of things to create.

6. Finish the basement. Build the bar, do the floor, create a fun spot to hang out when the work is done and the Browns are playing an away game!

7. Create the woodshop. Get the benches and storage set up how I want it, create some fun projects. Maybe create some things that can be sold for the 4-H fund.Keep removing the trees and branches that need to go.

8. Grow the firewood stores and let it dry so it can be sold, use straight trunks for fencing, and cut some lumber to be dried.

9. Have fun, learn a lot, teach some of what I learn to others.

On second thought, I'll just write a blog about doing all of this stuff and not actually do any of it. This seems like too much damn work......

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