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What In The Hell Am I Doing?

I started this escapade as a way to get back home to the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio after nine long, traffic filled years in the nation's capital. As I considered options for places to call home, I decided I wanted land. There was no strong reason for it, perhaps I felt like land was not a possibility in DC, which made it seem more exciting. The more I looked into land, the more I wanted. It was like a drug. I had become a land addict. By the time I had narrowed down my real estate search, I wasn't even looking at places with less than 5 acres. I still didn't know why, but I had grand plans in my head. Nebulous, but grand.

Fast forward to the point where I put a contract on the Half-Assed Homestead (more on that in the next post)--now I'm taking over 13 acres. Go big or go home as they say! Sure, its not 50 or 1000 acres, but my property goes back a quarter of a mile. That is crazy to me. Vin Diesel lives his live one length of my property at a time (I couldn't resist). So what now! What in the hell do I do with my little piece of earth? I feel a very strange sense of responsibility to not [screw] it up beyond repair.

It wasn't until this point that I started to wonder what I could really do. Now, I have read, and researched, judged and admired the work of those that have chosen to write about their work and document their experience. I very quickly learned the term Homesteading- the art of consuming only what one produces. I then promptly learned that I love convenience way too much for that craziness. If I want a steak and the cow is still breathing, I will go out and buy a steak. Also, I sure as hell, will not be making my own laundry detergent, dish soap, or lip balm. I also don't imagine myself canning tons of vegetables, or spending every Saturday at a farmers market. Plus, I have a "big kid" job that requires me to spend my time doing real work. The farm is fun. A mantra that I must remember! If nothing else because I value sanity.

Maybe someday this will all change and I'll get way more into it than I have planned. Maybe its a slippery slope of hippiness that I have not yet experienced. I will find out shortly. This adventure starts tomorrow, and I find myself still wondering "what in the hell have I done!"

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