Scottish Highland Cows and Quality Highland Beef

Scottish Highland Cows are what prompted the entire cattle operation at Soluna Farm. Their distinct look, with long horns and a giant coat of long course hair make them so different than most other breeds in the United States. Their generally calm demeanor make them a farmer's dream to handle. And for the consumer, their beef has lower fat and lower cholesterol than the more well-known beef producing breeds like Angus and Hereford. 

In addition, the American Highland Cattle Association has published strict regulations for the Quality Highland Beef designation, a designation that Soluna Cattle Ranch proudly meets with its operation. 

Why Buy Highland Beef? 
The Quality Highland Beef Program

The American Highland Cattle Association has created a very logical, common sense certification for natural production of Highland Beef. A program that Soluna Cattle Ranch proudly participates in. In addition to record-keeping requirements, the certification program ensures that your beef is free of unnecessary chemicals and hormones, is fed naturally, and is handled ethically and respectably. 

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Adorned with masisve horns, and long course fur, Scottish Highland cattle are among the most distinct breeds found in the US. More importantly the beef they produce has shown to be more tender, higher in protein, and lower in fat and cholesterol that traditional beef. 

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