Soluna Farm Beef Cattle

Cattle are the backbone of the what we do at Soluna Farm and Ranch. In addition to providing high quality, healthy beef, they serve as that catalyst for healthy soil growth, and pasture management. 

We take a common sense approach to feeding our cattle. Their diet is almost entirely grass and hay, but we also want happy cows that are treated to something different on occasion. They will get a little grain treat here and there, apples and carrots on occasion, and pumpkins in the fall--which are great tools for deworming them. 

At Soluna Farm, we are not breed specific. If you visit any of our properties, you will find a variety cattle breeds. From the commecially well-known Angus and Herefords to the heritage Highlands and protected Dutch Belted Lakenvelders, we believe that diversity is a benefit to our herd. 

Heritage Breed Cattle

As the name suggests, heritage breed cows are breeds whose lineage has been, for the most part, unadulterated since its early roots many centuries ago. As ranches across America forget these breeds for the highly modified commercial breeds, we seek to be part of an effort to keep them around!

Traditional Angus and Hereford Beef

For the more traditional beef lover, we have both Angus and Hereford cows that will produce a nice big, marbled ribeye that will make your tastebuds and instagram feed light up!  

In contrast to the leaner highland beef, the Soluna Cattle Ranch offers the more traditional beef that comes from the bigger Angus and Hereford breeds. Finishing at nearly 1200 pounds these cows will put lots of great beef in your family's freezer.  

Ordering Beef From Soluna Cattle Ranch

Beef from Soluna Cattle Ranch (or any local farm) is unrivaled in its flavor, health qualities, and price. We are more than happy to stock your freezer with the best beef you will ever eat.

At Soluna Farm and Ranch, we strive to meet your needs. Got a small freezer and want to buy a little at a time? Great! Do you want to package beef with other products that we have? We can do that too. Got a big ol' freezer that needs to be filled? You are covered. 

For More Information About the Soluna Cattle Ranch or Availability, Contact Us

At Soluna Farm, we currently have two heritage breeds that call our pastures home: The big horned, furry Scottish Highlands, and the nearly endangered, black and white striped Lakenvelders--or Dutch Belteds.

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