Soluna Farm Poultry and Eggs

The first step we took into farming at Soluna Farm was a batch of six tiny little chicks. Since then, we have expanded our laying operation, produced meat chickens, and this Thanksgiving, 14 of our hormone and chemical free, free-range turkeys were served on tables around Northeast Ohio. On the farm, we have eggs available year-round, will grow several batches of meat chickens, and will have turkeys available for the holiday season. Unlike the poultry you buy in the store, our birds have room to roam, are treated with respect, and it shows in the final product.  

Free Range Eggs 
Pasture Raised Chicken

Several times a year, Soluna Farm will have farm-raised, free-range chicken available for purchase. These chickens are raised from a day old, and fed according to our standards. Unlike in the factory farms that produce your grocery store birds, our chickens can roam, forage and live a very natural life. The result is a healthier bird with more flavor and tenderness. Chickens must be ordered in advance, and can be purchased whole or quartered. Our chicken sells for $4 per pound. 

Farm-Fresh Holiday Turkey

There is nothing quite as anticipated as the Turkey at the Thanksgiving table. Here at Soluna Farm, that anticipation starts in July, as we start raising our holiday turkeys. Like our Chickens, the Turkeys we raise on the farm spend their lives foraging, roosting, and doing all the things that turkeys are supposed to do. The result is a nice plump breast, and dark meat with unrivaled flavor. Our turkeys, like our chickens sell for $4 per pound, and will sell on a first come first serve basis. To get all the news about our holiday turkeys, please join our mailing list.   


The beloved Soluna Laying Guild shares a giant pasture with the farms goats. They are able to forage for all sorts of natural nutrition, while also feasting on pumpkins, vegetable trimmings and all sorts of other delicious treats. The result is delicious, large, nutritious eggs that have bright orange yolks. Our eggs are available for $4 per dozen, of 3 for $10. 

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